Monday, 7 September 2015

Tell Us about your Blog Name

Ok I dropped the ball a little, it was a busy week but any how today on Blog - Tember is " Tell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?"

So Here goes,

I have always and will continue to be the sort of person that everyone dislikes, you know the one who shoots from the hips, blurts it all out before thinking, calls a spade a spade. Yeah that's me.

My sister and I were laughing about it one day , how much my mouth gets me into trouble and she said to me "It's all good " Your just "Keeping it Real "

then the light bulb went off and there you have it , nothing technical just Keeping it Real - being me.

I created my blog years ago to show off my crafts and for family members living away to see what we are up too. Little did I know that I would become victim to the neglected blog  group. However taking this challenge I'm hopeing to change all that.

Why not join me   see the details here  Brave Love

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