Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Day # 10 -  10 items off your bucket List. If you haven't made one, now's a good time to start!

Well I haven't got a bucket list , however there are a few things that I have done of late that I wouldn't normally do.

Joy ride in a helicopter, OMG what views, how breath taking. Whilst it took me awhile to stop freakin' out I would recommend it to anyone. In the end love love love it.

Visit the snow -  I have never seen snow in real life nor had my children , so we drove to Lithgow in search of snow and we found some. Absoluately gorgeous, Never wanted to leave , can't believe I only took 400 photos the whole time we were there, and might I add you see the most funniest things.

Scenic World - now thinking that being in a helicopter you can handle anything. Wrong !!!

We headed off to Katoomba for the day to visit scenic World - you know the one steepest train, cable cars and sky walkers. Hahaha all set seating in the steepest train, taking photos , Telling myself its' a piece of cake.. Yeap you got  it in all my bravery, I lost it dropped the F Bombs everywhere and even tried to climb out. Made it to the bottom of the mountains, and they weren't to sure on how to get me back up top, cause I was walking out of there.

No more rides for me that day , happy to sit there in the coffee shop watching the tourist.

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