Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Day # 10 -  10 items off your bucket List. If you haven't made one, now's a good time to start!

Well I haven't got a bucket list , however there are a few things that I have done of late that I wouldn't normally do.

Joy ride in a helicopter, OMG what views, how breath taking. Whilst it took me awhile to stop freakin' out I would recommend it to anyone. In the end love love love it.

Visit the snow -  I have never seen snow in real life nor had my children , so we drove to Lithgow in search of snow and we found some. Absoluately gorgeous, Never wanted to leave , can't believe I only took 400 photos the whole time we were there, and might I add you see the most funniest things.

Scenic World - now thinking that being in a helicopter you can handle anything. Wrong !!!

We headed off to Katoomba for the day to visit scenic World - you know the one steepest train, cable cars and sky walkers. Hahaha all set seating in the steepest train, taking photos , Telling myself its' a piece of cake.. Yeap you got  it in all my bravery, I lost it dropped the F Bombs everywhere and even tried to climb out. Made it to the bottom of the mountains, and they weren't to sure on how to get me back up top, cause I was walking out of there.

No more rides for me that day , happy to sit there in the coffee shop watching the tourist.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Favourite season , why? and what does it say about you.


My favourite season is Winter, yeap crazy as it seems but I love it. Being able to wear my favourite trackie pants, Lots of blankets and hot chocolate. Gives me a feeling of content.

other things I love about Winter

*  the rain, watching the grey clouds roll in such amazing shapes and colours

* Lightning , I know it's not the best but the colours and strikes are so amazing almost magical

* Thunder , I will admit not really my favourite but surely gets the heart racing.

Snuggling up with a book, Ugg boots and lazy days in bed.

There is just something about a storm that has me sitting there for hours watching,  Mother Natures own show, simply beautiful .

Not really sure what that says about me , hahaha some might say cold hearted, guess I just like what Mother Natures has to offer.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Tell Us about your Blog Name

Ok I dropped the ball a little, it was a busy week but any how today on Blog - Tember is " Tell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?"

So Here goes,

I have always and will continue to be the sort of person that everyone dislikes, you know the one who shoots from the hips, blurts it all out before thinking, calls a spade a spade. Yeah that's me.

My sister and I were laughing about it one day , how much my mouth gets me into trouble and she said to me "It's all good " Your just "Keeping it Real "

then the light bulb went off and there you have it , nothing technical just Keeping it Real - being me.

I created my blog years ago to show off my crafts and for family members living away to see what we are up too. Little did I know that I would become victim to the neglected blog  group. However taking this challenge I'm hopeing to change all that.

Why not join me   see the details here  Brave Love

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Blog - tember


 Hi there,

I have decided to take the Blog- tember Challenge, and now that I have sat down to start I realised that I know nothing about blogging, hahaha so guess I'm going to learn alot. hope you will enjoy watching me learn.

Day 1 Introduce myself

OK here goes,

First of all I am a mother of two beautiful children, Bianca and Connor, Bias I know but why not.
I am a married to Neil , who is my rock,
I stay at home , not to do the housework, but to be there for my kids.
I surf the internet way too much and that includes Facebook
I don't scrapbook much but still buy heaps of products , so that is classed as scrapping right?
I have way too many hobbies, Family history, hockey, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, just to name a few.
Currently I am doing a jigsaw puzzle and just jumped on the band wagon of colouring in books.
Chocolate and coffee are my biggest down fall. I have a sad sense of humour and swear way too much
I am a cancer surviour and very proud of it tooo.

 So there is some of it - hope you will take up the challenge too

Monday, 17 August 2015

time flys

What a busy year it has been again , time is flying by way to quickly.

I have changed my style of scrapping I'm now using the project life style of scrapping and I'm enjoying the fact that I can use so many photos and journal about them all if I want. :)

Here is a traditional one I did celebrating my Dad's 70th.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Naughty blogger

We looks like I really fitted into the land of the blogging a couple of post and over a year later I have gotten around to blogging again.

My intentions were good I set this blog up to document my scrapping and just life in general for my family and friends., Somehow life just got busy and well I just forgot.

However don't get disheartened I'm off to try again, so watch this space as i plan on updating .

thanks for staying with me.:)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Hi there

 Do you love a sale? 

Pretty silly question hey hehehe
My friend Chelsea from Scrapboutique has her half Yearly Sale on,
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I know I've been shopping :)