Monday, 3 February 2014

Hi there

 Do you love a sale? 

Pretty silly question hey hehehe
My friend Chelsea from Scrapboutique has her half Yearly Sale on,
check this out


 Hurry before you miss out click here
I know I've been shopping :)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

 Hi there :)  I'm pretty excited to be part of the Page Draft Sketch Release. My first real Design team position.
I don't normally put my hand up for these sorts of things as I feel , well my work is pretty simple but when I saw the call out  I just went you know what why not try it. A huge thanks to Em for the opportunity and the support, I learnt a few important lessons along the way.hahaha
I had a blast. You rock :)

The sketches to chose from were awesome and choosing just one wasn't easy , .But finally decided on this one  .

 my sketch choice

my Layout

Now it's pretty simple and it's been awhile since I have scrapped , but it's all up hill from here. :)

 Go check it out here

Let me know what you think.
oh and good luck .xxxx

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hello Blog Land

Well it's only taken me two years to finally join the blogging world (1 year to think about it and 1 year to remember I started )

Guess I'm a little behind - but I'm catching up real fast. Having children certainly makes you keep up with technology.

So I hope I don't bore you with bits and pieces - that is if people out there are following..hehehe.

Take Care